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About Us

About Us

In August 2014, Transformation Nashville was born, and like any birth, it came with excitement, anticipation, nervousness, and aspiration. From our first steps, we have been determined to move with deliberation and intention and to  create an organization and programs that address unmet need with innovation, intelligence, passion, and common sense. We work to develop and manage programs with efficiency and efficacy and that are both scalable and replicable, never forgetting that they must also recognize and embrace humanity. We measure every decision and choice to be sure it serves our mission, advances our vision, and expresses our values.  

To engage, educate, and empower children and families living in poverty.


A Nashville of equality, opportunity, and self-realization for all.


Accountability. Compassion. Community. Distinction. Faith. Intention. Love. Reverence. Service. Stewardship. Transformation.


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