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EmpowerCredit offers loans

of up to $1,000

at 1% & 3% interest* 

for payday and title loan relief. 

*conditions apply

Do I Qualify?

  • I live in Metropolitan Nashville/Davidson County.

  • My debt payoff is under $1,000.

  • I have a steady income, earned at a job OR unearned but consistent such as social security, pension, etc.

  • I have a bank account. 

How It Works

Step 1: Read through qualifications above.

Step 2: If you qualify or have been approved for special consideration, complete an online application

Step 3:Please scan or photograph and email the following to 

Step 4: Once the application has been submitted and all documentation has been emailed to, a phone meeting will be scheduled for you and a staff member.

Step 5: A decision will be made within 3 business days. You will be notified and, if approved, loan paperwork will be completed and funds will be distributed directly to the creditor.


Our clients are our top concern and we will do our best to handle this process quickly.

No decisions will be finalized during the phone meeting.

New all-digital application process
due to COVID-19 and our hope that you are practicing social distancing.

1. two forms of ID (front & back)

2. recent bank statement

3. recent proof of consistent income

4. Documentation of Payday/Title Loan 

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